From backyard to backcountry.

We're here to support your parenting journey and help your child explore the natural world. 

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It's like Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)... but for music!


We think it's a pretty great comparison. 

To summarize... In the Jeff and Paige CSM Model we ask you to invest a monthly amount (or pay annually and receive a 10% discount) to allow us to provide you with all sorts of goodies throughout the year, both in-person and virtual. 

Get learning adventures, livestreams, and activities you can do with your kids.

Your membership not only supports Jeff and Paige but it gives you the tools to help your child get started on their journey of exploring science, nature, and the great outdoors. 

What's A CSMM?

 "Community Supported Music Membership"
We're glad you asked!
Most of us have heard of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), “a system in which a farm operation is supported by shareholders within the community who share both the benefits and risks of food production.”
Similarly, in the Jeff and Paige CSM Model we ask you to invest a monthly amount (or pay annually and receive a 10% discount) to allow us to provide you with all sorts of educational goodies throughout the year, both in-person and virtual.
The farmer has a season in which they can offer their goods and products abundantly and a season for preparation, planning, and restoration of the land. 
Jeff and Paige also have a season of abundant offerings and performances for those who are local. We have many free, in-person events for people to attend throughout the year, especially in the warmer months. We then have a chilly season when we focus more on our virtual lessons and content, restore and rejuvenate, create music and products and sow the seeds for the next phase if you will….
So when you sign up for Jeff and Paige’s Community Supported Music Membership OR CSM membership OR “Online Community” you are signing up to support music and the arts throughout the year, through a small monthly contribution. And in exchange you’ll receive access to the following member perks (our version of your “weekly veggies”).
Your Membership buys you:
  • Bi-monthly livestreams with Jeff and Paige! Depending on the time of year (summer vs winter for example) these will be casual hangouts with song requests or more polished lessons and hands on activities. Most importantly we want to be in touch with you, wherever you are, all year long! And this will be the way that we do that.
  • Access to Jeff & Paige's entire library of on-demand nature activities, science experiments, and storytimes.
  • One pre-recorded, hands-on science or nature activity/month you can do with your kids or have them do on their own. (i.e. - Follow along and make a bird nest out of found nature objects with us!)
  • A highlighted “Music Video of the Month” and accompanying 1 pg. Printable (i.e. Watch our “Scoop-a-Doop-Poop” video and then try your luck at the “Get the Dog Poop to the Refuse Bucket” Maze!)
  • Bonus content, special offers, and first dibs on live events!
  • Early access to our live shows and new products.
  • Animated announcements from our nature fairy, Felicity, our monster Monty, and our Owl -- Owlivia.
  • Members-only Meet and Greets with Jeff and Paige.

Your Membership Gives Jeff and Paige:
  • Financial stability and a product that they can grow exponentially to support the creation of educational entertainment you love. 
    • At 100 annual members we are dancing and happy to connect! 
    • At 200 annual member we are shouting from the rooftops
    • At 400 annual members we are expanding and growing and bring you more high quality offerings both live and virtual! And donating more of our time to schools and communities in need through free live assemblies, free lessons and memberships, and more… (scholarships to our member's community) 
    • Speaking of donating, we’ve already decided to provide memberships to any and all  teachers who want to use our content to support their efforts, 100% free of charge. 
  • World Wide Reach! Through your local support we can extend our offerings around the globe. This will also increase our financial viability and ability to continue to provide music and the arts for kids everywhere! 
  • The very wonderful and precious opportunity to connect more deeply with you and your children. We never could have guessed that a year of online concerts would leave us feeling MORE connected to our community. We love seeing and interacting with your kids and you online. We’ve gotten to know many of you more deeply this year than we ever would have in a normal time! 
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